Demo Reel

The story for my animated short will be about three misfit superheroes that are starting their day with a game of cards. Each character is cheating in their own way using their abilities until they realize that they were all cheating. Next a video message from Abraham Lincoln is put up on their hotline where Lincoln is giving them a speech about how they are doing well for America and that they have another task to complete. Setting out from their home they stumble upon an abandoned warehouse where they stumble upon a crime that has already been stopped. Given the fact that none of the super zeroes did anything about the crime they decided to take the credit for doing so and try to figure out who did it and what new superhero was taking their thunder, thinking it was their rival hero Spineless-Man. After doing research in a montage like sequence Scaredy Cat finally gives the team the whole story after doing detective world and had come to the assumption that the criminals had accidentally blew up a rubber grenade which knocked all of them out unconsciously. Given the information the heroes decide not to tell Lincoln and sit back down for a game of cards.

Animatic Rotaion-Character Face Designs

Animatic Storyboard– Story So Far

Sneak Peek– My Title Sequence

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This is the finished project of my 14 week class in WCC. I have been studying how to use Flash and had finally completed this short clip in which I used some of the most recognizable superheroes and turned them into a little short skit. i had trouble grasping this technology but now I believe that, I have a better concept of how Cartoons such as South Park are made. This process is a tough one but now I had more appreciation for animation and all cartoons. Being that now I have finished this little project I would love to continue it someday and it wold be a dream to see it produced one day. As well as having done this in 14 weeks I would hope to one day be good enough that I could produce one per week like the professionals.

Here is the link to my Youtube Video


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